3 Clothing Insider facts Each Young lady Ought to Be aware

3 Clothing Insider facts Each Young lady Ought to Be aware (Informative!)

   Today I want to share three underwear secrets that every girl should know. When I learned and adopted these secrets, they completely changed my style. Because if you think about it, underwear is just the foundation of whatever you wear. And if you don't get that right, your clothing can stay the same. It might be downright distracting. If your underwear or your bra is showing. And then you didn't intend that, which completely removes the look. So let's get this right. These will transform your style overnight.

3 Clothing Insider facts Each Young lady Ought to Be aware of (Informative!)

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3 Clothing Insider facts

 3 Clothing Insider facts

Little Box Adhesives (Bristol 6)

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   You must first invest in what's in this tiny little box. Which are adhesives. The fantastic thing about them is that if you have something backless or want an off-the-shoulder top. Then these will make every outfit look perfect no matter what you've got going on. That also means you will have fewer layers of fabric. Which is also incredibly comfortable for this time of year. But honestly, they also can help if you've got a thin bra.  

  Then you want a little more coverage, so that is my solution. So half the time, someone asks me what I am wearing as a bra under that top to make that outfit work. I want to buy that shirt. But like how am I going to style that well? This is what I also use. If you have a fuller chest, Bristol 6 is the brand I use for this. Came out with a version just recently that has more support. So definitely check that out and tell me what you think of it. 

Avoid Panty Lines

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Next, avoid panty lines or fabric from riding up in the front. My secret is a thigh shaper. Any shapewear is going to help so much when styling clothes. Especially when you want to tuck something bulky on top into a tight pair of pants. Then get some thigh shapers. Not only are thigh shapers going to be the solution. But you also can play with things like a bodysuit. That is contouring or a slip. The same is true for anything that will help create a seamless look. Underneath is such a great reason to invest in shapewear.

Sizing Misconceptions About Underwear

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   My third quick secret that has to do about styling for underwear has to do about getting the sizing right. There are so many sizing misconceptions that happen with underwear. So for bottoms for panties, size up. It's something that you wouldn't realize goes a long way. But if you have lingerie that fits you properly or like on the side of being too small. Then it's going to dig in. And that's where you're going to get those visible panty lines. On the other side of the spectrum, if you were to size up.

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   Then you can play with the fabric a little bit to sit properly underneath the clothes that you're wearing. I like to pull up the sides. So that they never dig in on my widest point and instead create a beautiful v shape. And then, in the back, it will never dig in. It's going to be just like roomy. And that's going to make you comfortable and confident.  

Sizing Misconception About Bras

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   The other sizing misconception with bras is that you always want to get the right fit of a bra, especially in the back. In the back is where a lot of the digging happens. People notice when you are wearing a t-shirt. It just lays funny. It's better to get the right band size and also the correct cup size. That you're not putting too much pressure. Which really can affect things like your back. So go to a professional bra fitter if you can. But try a few sizes. That is called sister sizing. A 32 c is the same as a 34b, and a professional can help you there.  

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   There goes the sun underneath the cloud. But anyways, there is so much that we can unpack when finding the right underwear that can work for your style. The fabrics that you will choose for your shirts, pants, and everything with that. And then it comes to comfort and confidence. When you are just wearing your underwear, you want to feel so unique in that too.

That’s it. Thanks for reading my blog.

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